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Juniors Under 15

$75 per 10 week term prepaid or, $10 casually per session.


$100 per 10 week term prepaid or, $15 casually per session

Frequently asked questions...

Floorball can be played by anyone and is perfect for beginners given it’s low registration and equipment costs. We take kids as young as 5 and have a number of 50+ adults playing.

You can join by contacting us. You can also come and try floorball for FREE on your first session. You just need to wear a t-shirt, shorts, socks and sneakers. We will provide any other equipment for this first session. No payment is required.

Yes you can. We will just pro-rata your payment for the number of weeks left in the term after your FREE first session.

This feature is currently unavailable. However, we are currently researching it for inclusion.

We currently train at one venue on the Northern Beaches. 

Mixed Men’s and Women’s team
PCYC Dee Why on Fridays 6:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Juniors (under 18)
PCYC Dee Why on Fridays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm. 

For training, you just need to bring your own t-shirt, shorts, socks, sneakers and a smile.

If you choose to play at a tournament representing the Northern Beaches Stingrays, you are required to buy our club shirt ($30) and your own black shorts. 

Since this is an emerging sport, we try to ensure the cost of joining is as affordable as possible to give you an opportunity to give floorball a go!

We will loan you a stick until you choose to buy your own (cost $40+). 

All players under the age of 17 are also legally required to wear protective eye wear (cost $40) so you are expected to buy this after joining. 

If you are interested in being a goalkeeper, our club provides all equipment free of charge.  

If it’s your first time playing, we will loan you all equipment for your FREE first session, including the protective eye glasses and stick.

Our junior teams are coached by former Swedish and Czech floorball players. We practice drills and then play a game at every training session. 

If you have a child who is 15-19,  they have an amazing opportunity to be chosen to represent Australia and participate in training camps both here and overseas, let alone play at the World Games. Given floorball is a young sport, these opportunities are more accessible than more saturated traditional sports. 

At some of our Australian floorball events, there are also “development teams” where amateur adult players can practice their skills at a tournament level and get coached by professional players.

There are no further discounts at this time.

Please refer to our About page for some of the common rules to play floorball.

There are a number of local, interstate and international events for floorball. Please refer to our events page.

about floorball

An affordable sport for all to play

If you have tried other sports, are still looking for an inclusive first sport or would like to keep up your hockey skills in the off season then floorball could be for you. Better still, it’s inexpensive to get started.

Perfect for all ages

Beginners can easily pick up this sport and over time, develop greater skills and game play.

Amazing opportunities

As a new sport, floorball has made dreams come true for some Northern Beaches players.

Foorball events

There are many options to play floorball locally, interstate and internationally.

Get your FREE floorball session

an exciting fast paced sport for all