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Floorball Events

Australian Floorball Events

U19 floorball players

Northern Beaches Open (NBO)

This is our club's annual tournament held during the October long weekend in Sydney. Players from overseas and interstate come to join the fun.

Adults Floorball Sydney

Australian Floorball Open (AFO)

This annual Australian floorball event is hosted by different cities each year. After 10 years, it's made its way back to Canberra during April 2019.

Northern Beaches Floorball Open NBO Juniors

Junior Australian Floorball Open (JAFO)

The ultimate floorball event for Australian junior floorball players with five mixed age divisions in the Under 9’s, 11’s, 14’s, 16’s and 19’s.

Floorball NSW Series

Floorball NSW Event Series

Hosted by The Peninsular Central Coast, our strong Juniors (10-14) team were crowned winners in both 2018 and 2019.

Peninsula Floorball Gala Day

Inter Sydney Floorball Competitions

The Northern Beaches Stingrays play against other floorball teams in both the adult and junior divisions in Sydney.

International Floorball Events

Floorball at the World Games

Floorball was admitted as an official medal sport to the World Games held in Poland in 2017. Floorball’s next exciting chapter with this incredible global event will be when the World Games starts on 15 July 2021 in the USA.

Floorball World Championships

World Floorball Championships

Every country sends players to compete in the annual World Floorball Championships for U19 and separate adult Men’s and Women’s teams. These events alternate each year with adults playing in Dec and U19 in May.

Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation Cup

Australia is one of 15 members of this South East Asian confederation. Men’s tournaments are held every odd year and women play in the even years. The Men's AOFC will be held in Phillipines in July, 2019.

Upcoming Floorball Events

Junior Australian Floorball Open (JAFO)

This exciting Junior Australian and New Zealand floorball event will be held during the school holidays.

Northern Beaches Open (NBO)

This big event organised by the Northern Beaches Floorball club will be held in Castle Hill and is open to all.

Women's Floorball Championships (WFC)

Held every two years, the women’s floorball championships is one of floorball’s main events.

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