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Floorball Sydney

Sporting a great floorball community in Sydney

Floorball is a fun, fast and emerging sport in Australia. This type of indoor floor hockey has a huge following in Nordic countries, Czech Republic and Switzerland where it is better known as Innebanny, Salibandy or Unihockey.
Our Sydney floorball club has both junior and adult teams playing at all competitive levels. Our Northern Beaches club is also social and inclusive where friendships are easily made within our relaxed community.

Perfect for beginners

Beginners can easily pick up the sport and over time, develop greater skills for stick and ball handling, passing, shooting and more advanced game play.

Amazing opportunities

Imagine travelling to World Championships, training camps or the Olympics! These dreams are a reality for some Northern Beaches Floorball players.

Affordable Sports Fun

Floorball is a fairly inexpensive sport with low registration fees and basic equipment requirements to get you and your family easily started.


Juniors floorball training at Dee Why, Sydney

floorball training

Prepare for your next game.
Northern Beaches Floorball club currently trains at one venue across the peninsular.
Mixed Men’s and Women’s
Juniors (under 15)
All teams represent the Northern Beaches Stingrays in competitions.

Why Kids Love Floorball....

Floorball NSW Series

My name is Oliver and I have been playing floorball since 2013 and I am now 17 years old. I was only 7 years old when I started but I am still extremely passionate about floorball. In my opinion and many will agree, floorball is one of the best sports. It’s a bit like ice hockey, high paced and lots of goals and I really love it. 

I have been to many tournaments, gala days and many more floorball events and each time it has been great fun. I got to play with my mates and we even won lots of tournaments. I even got to meet some incredible players and got named player of the tournament. 

I love the feel of the ball swishing into the goal or the elation you feel when you are named the champion; I love this sport. If anyone wants my opinion, I would say, “go for floorball, it is awesome”. My dream is to play floorball in the Olympics. Good luck and I hope you get to experience floorball at its greatest.

Floorball Questions

While floorball and field hockey are similar in nature, there are some key differences. For example, floorball allows field players to use their feet and both sides of their stick blade to control the ball. Floorball teams are also smaller with only 6 players allowed on the court at any one time, including the goalkeeper.

Floorball isn’t considered a contact sport and there are rules to make it a safer sport. For example, there is no checking to move a player or ball out of the way, the goalkeeper doesn’t use a stick and field players cannot use their hands or head to hit the ball.

Junior floorball teams are mixed gender, much like adult social teams. However, teams are split for adult competitions with separate Open Men’s and Women’s teams.

While floorball is currently not an official sport in the Olympics program, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) welcomed the International Floorball Federation (IFF) as a Recognised International Sports Federation (ARISF) in 2011. This is a significant step in paving the way for floorball inclusion in the Olympics Games at some future date. However, floorball is enjoying wider recognition with its inclusion in the 2017 World Games.


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FREE Floorball Game & Fun Event

Our local fundraising event to help our national players get to the U19 World Floorball Championships in Denmark!

Northern Beaches Open (NBO)

This big event is organised by the Northern Beaches Floorball club and is open to all floorball players. 

Junior Australian Floorball Open (JAFO)

This 4 day floorball event for juniours will take place in the Peninsula Leisure Centre, Woy Woy on the Central Coast.

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